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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Energy Medicine & Spiritual Mentoring?

To put it simply: Energy Medicine and Spiritual Mentoring assist in getting to the root of your issues.

These techniques offer you clarity on your Path. They allow you to dive deep into the answers you desire to move forward in your life in a more profound and meaningful way.


When we move through our Earth journeys unconsciously, we tend to suppress our pain/trauma/emotions instead of releasing them. When we do this, these experiences begin to accumulate as energy blocks within our bodies. Over time, these energy blocks interfere with our life experience in a myriad of different ways:

  • May effect our physical bodies, creating disease and chronic illness. Healthy energy is flowing energy and energy blocks stagnant our flow.

  • May effect us creatively and spiritually, stifling our momentum forward or significantly suppressing our full potential.

  • May effect us emotionally, either keeping us in "chronic triggered" states, making us feel overwhelmed and out of control with our emotions. OR, we become disconnected from our emotional experiences, putting walls up against the world and leaving us desiring deeper connections and relationships.

How does Energy Medicine work?

Physics gives us Quantum Theory. Quantum Theory explains the nature of matter and energy at the atomic and sub-atomic level. Viewing our world through the lens of Quantum Theory, matter is an illusion. It  is not solid, but rather wavelengths of energy, with varying degrees of frequency. Within this framework of understanding, we can begin to see the power in working with Energy Healing and its ability to get at the very root of our issues. By influencing the wavelengths of our immaterial world through our thoughts and emotions, we can create real change in our material world in our physical bodies and the actions we take in our lives.

Energy Medicine is an ancient method of healing that have been around long before modern medicine and was mastered by our ancestors. With the use of deeply focused intention and proven practices, we can affect and heal the energy that underlines spiritual, emotional, mental and physical symptoms. We can clear and strengthen your energy body and remove stored blocks resulting in improved health, wellbeing and vibrancy of your life!

Energy Medicine vs. Modern Medicine

This is a great discussion and one that is very needed in our culture.
Energy Medicine and Modern Medicine can work together in harmony when each is applied appropriately. 


Modern Medicine is wonderful when used in emergency trauma situations and acute illness (sudden onset illness). It offers immediate relief and life saving techniques through the use of drugs and surgery. And when under the consistent care of a compassionate practitioner, modern medicine can be a helpful guide to keeping track of the ebbs and flow of your health and well-being with regular check-ups and testing.


However, the majority of humanity today suffers from chronic illnesses (persisting, long-lasting or persistent illness) and this is Energy Medicine's specialty! Chronic illness can be directly linked to limiting belief systems, stored trauma and suppressed emotions living in your body. Energy Medicine uses proven techniques to identify, locate and remove the root causes of chronic illness that lie hidden in the energy body. Once healed in the energy body, the physical body begins to heal as well.

Are Virtual sessions as effective as In-Person sessions?

Energy Medicine works on the quantum fields and is not bound by time and space. Albert Einstein notoriously stated that "matter is an illusion" and, in fact, everything is energy and connected through the Unified Energy Field (UEF)! Practitioners can just as easily adjust and balance your energy lines from across the world than if you were sitting across from them.

What should I expect in my session?

Our sessions are as you unique as you! They are specifically tailored to your needs and there are no rules. There is no prior experience needed and ALL are welcome here.

Each session will include discussion around your issues, dreams and desires. We'll look at your energy body and speak with your Spirit Guides/Angels to gain details on what aspects of you are requesting healing and how to conduct those healings. Our greatest intention with your session is for complete and permanent healing, in addition to assisting you in gaining clarity on your life's journey.

During the energy healings, you may feel subtle sensations in the body. After session, you may feel relaxation or increased energy. Expect shifts in your life to begin immediately.

Make sure to drink plenty of water for 24 hrs post healing.

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