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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Energy Medicine & Spiritual Mentoring?

In essence, Energy Medicine is a invaluable tool for addressing the root causes of your challenges. These modalities provide a clear pathway to understanding your journey, enabling you to delve into the answers that propel your life forward in a more profound and purposeful manner.

As we navigate our earthly existence without conscious awareness, we often suppress our pain, trauma, and emotions instead of releasing them. This accumulation of experiences manifests as energy blocks within our bodies over time. These energy blocks can disrupt our life experiences in various ways:

  1. Physical Impact: Energy blocks may affect our physical well-being, contributing to the development of diseases and chronic illnesses. Maintaining a healthy energy flow is essential, and these blocks impede the natural flow of energy.

  2. Creative and Spiritual Implications: Stifling our momentum forward, energy blocks can hinder creative and spiritual growth, limiting our ability to realize our full potential.

  3. Emotional Influence: Energy blocks can have a significant impact on our emotional state. They may keep us in a state of chronic triggering, leading to feelings of overwhelm and a perceived lack of control over our emotions. Alternatively, these blocks can result in emotional disconnection, prompting us to erect walls against the world and leaving us yearning for deeper connections and relationships.


Choosing Energy Medicine is a proactive step towards addressing and resolving these challenges at their core, facilitating a transformative journey towards healing and self-discovery.

How does Energy Medicine work?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Quantum Physics, which elucidates the nature of matter and energy at the atomic and sub-atomic levels. When we perceive our world through the lens of Quantum Physics, the concept of matter as a solid entity is dispelled. Instead, matter is revealed as wavelengths of energy, exhibiting varying degrees of frequency. Within this paradigm, we gain insight into the potency of Energy Healing and its capacity to address the fundamental origins of our challenges.

Energy Medicine, an ancient healing method predating modern medicine and honed by our ancestors, plays a pivotal role in this understanding. Through focused intention and established practices, we can influence and heal the energy underlying spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. This process allows us to clear and fortify the energy body, eliminating stored blocks and fostering improved health, wellbeing, and vibrancy in one's life.


By recognizing the malleability of the immaterial world through our thoughts and emotions, we empower ourselves to effect tangible changes in our material world—both in our physical bodies and the actions we take in our lives.

Energy Medicine vs. Modern Medicine

This is an insightful conversation and one that holds significant relevance in our cultural context.

The integration of Energy Medicine and Modern Medicine can be a harmonious collaboration, each playing a crucial role when applied appropriately.

Modern Medicine excels in emergency trauma situations and acute illnesses, providing immediate relief and life-saving interventions through the use of drugs and surgery. Consistent care under a compassionate practitioner ensures that modern medicine effectively monitors the nuances of one's health and well-being, offering guidance through regular check-ups and testing.

However, the prevalent challenge faced by the majority of humanity lies in chronic illnesses—persistent, long-lasting conditions—which happens to be the specialized domain of Energy Medicine. Chronic illnesses often stem from limiting belief systems, stored trauma, and suppressed emotions within the body. Energy Medicine employs proven techniques to identify, locate, and eliminate the root causes of chronic illness concealed in the energy body.


By addressing and healing these underlying issues in the energy body, the physical body initiates its own healing process. This comprehensive approach allows for a more profound and lasting resolution to chronic health issues.

Are Virtual sessions as effective as In-Person sessions?


Energy Medicine operates within the quantum fields, transcending the constraints of time and space. As Albert Einstein famously asserted, "matter is an illusion," highlighting that everything is energy interconnected through the Unified Energy Field (UEF).

Remarkably, practitioners have the capability to adjust and balance your energy lines with equal effectiveness, whether you are physically present or situated across the world from them.

What should I expect in my session?

Our sessions are crafted to be as unique as you are, tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. Here, there are no predetermined rules, and no prior experience is necessary—everyone is welcome.

Upon arrival, you'll be invited to settle into our massage chair, enveloped in soft music and gentle lighting. Tea, pillows, blankets, and eye covers will be at your disposal for added comfort.

The session commences with a thoughtful discussion centered around your concerns, ailments, dreams, and desires. This initial exchange provides an opportunity for you to fully express your life experiences and the transformations you hope to see. Guided by intuition and the channeling of higher wisdom, together we will formulate a healing plan customized for you.

Following our discussion, you'll recline on the massage table and relax. Our practitioner will position themselves at the crown of your head, focusing on making the necessary adjustments to your energy body based on our mutually agreed-upon healing plan.

In each session, our primary goal is to facilitate complete and enduring healing while offering clarity on your life's journey. During the energy healing process, you may or may not experience subtle and pleasurable sensations in the body. Post-session, it's typical to feel a profound sense of relaxation or increased energy. Immediate shifts in your life are to be anticipated as a result of the healing process.

Individualized follow-up plans will be collaboratively discussed, recognizing the unique needs of each client. 

Please remember to stay well-hydrated for the 24 hours following the healing session.

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