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Red Kundalini Release in the Louisville Salt Cave

Red Kundalini Release in the Louisville Salt Cave

Two opportunities:

Feb. 23, 2023


March 23, 2023

In-Person, Group Healing in the Cave




Louisville Salt Cave

9800 Shelbyville Rd.

Unit 200

Louisville, KY 40223

No prior experience needed. Come as you are. 

ALL are welcome.


Join us for a beautiful evening in the Louisville Salt Cave as we relax into the moment, breathe, meditate and gently release our Red Kundalini. This is a simple and rejuvenating experience, suitable for anyone. No prior experience with energy work is necessary.

About this sacred ceremony:

Kundalini energy is often referred to by yogis as our Vital Energy Force. It is what animates our physical form and fuels our existence.


For the majority of us, energetic blocks in our lower three energy centers (chakras) prevent our Red Kundalini from fully integrating into our bodies.


Later in life, this may manifest in many ways, the most common symptom being that of a "stuck" or "stagnant" feeling in one's life. We may feel as though we are on the precipice of something new and big, life changing, but we intuitively feel as inability to move forward, an inability to take the next step.


By fully releasing and harnessing our Kundalini, we are afforded the vitality we need to move forward in life with more energy, courage and clarity.


In this session, we will breath and meditate. I will then move around the room and individually perform energy healings to remove energetic blocks in your lower chakras. Next, we will collectively raise your Red Kundalini and integrate it more fully and completely throughout your energy body. Participants can expect to experience deep relaxation and lasting, sustainable assess to their kundalini vital life energy boosting energy, creativity and over-all feelings of well-being.


Full energy body and auric fields will be balance and grounded before session ends.


All participants will leave session with their Gaia Heal's Energy Chart, which includes the mapping of the blocks in your energy body as well as your medicine mantra channeled from your Spirit Guide.

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