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Deepening our Connection to Higher Self
in the Louisville Salt Cave

The more we deepen our connection to our Higher Self, the greater our insight, the
clearer our Path, the more profound our experience will be in this life. We need only
cultivate an understanding of how we strengthen this connection in order to call it into our lives.

Join Jenn Howard of Gaia Heals as she guides you through a 60 minute session in the Louisville Cave designed to root you deeper into the Higher Self, all the while enjoying the cleansing benefits of halotherapy.

You will begin the evening with an ancient yogic chant, Kirtan Kriya, which involves the
combination of focused breath work, chanting (and whispering), finger movements (called mudras), and visualization.

Next, Jenn will walk you through her unique way of evoking your power, called “Unity”,
which acts as an accelerator for trance and meditation, offering deep insight and
connection to the Higher Self. While in this state, Jenn will collectively offer energetic
healing to the group through a balancing of the chakras, meridians and aura.


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Meta Channel
Gaining Clarity on your Metaphysical Experience

Spend a relaxing, communal and fun evening on the first Monday of every month with metaphysical channelers, Jenn Howard of Gaia Heals and Blaire McDaniel of Informal Mystic. 


Join us as we gather together and share a space that spurs on our mutual growth and inner-standing of this experience called, Life!


Each monthly session will vary on topic of discussion but will always include an aspect of channeled (group) energy-healing and channeled (individual) messages/mantras.


This month we will be discussing the energetic themes of our current year in human history - 2022. What are the energetic influences, how do they effect us and how can we best harness this energy for optimal personal growth and ful-fill-ment?



Where: Virtual, Zoom

When: July Session announced SOON!

Exchange: $20

Space is limited to keep gathering intimate.

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Red Kundalini Release in the Louisville Salt Cave

Red Kundalini Release in the Louisville Salt Cave

August 2022 session to be announced SOON!

In-Person, Group Healing in the Cave




Louisville Salt Cave

9800 Shelbyville Rd.

Unit 200

Louisville, KY 40223


Join me for a beautiful evening relaxing in the healing salts of the Louisville Salt Cave as we release and harness our Full Potential!

Kundalini energy is often referred to by yogis as our Vital Energy Force. It is what animates our physical form and fuels our existence.

But did you know that you have multiple Kundalini available to you? 


For the majority of us, energetic blocks in our lower 3 energy centers (Chakras) prevent our Red Kundalini from full integrating into our bodies. Later in life, this may manifest in many ways, the most common symptom being that of a "stuck" or "stagnant" feeling in one's life. We may feel as though we are on the precipice of something new and big, life changing, but we intuitively feel an inability to move forward, an inability to take the next step.

Through her practice with Gaia Heals, Medical Intuitive, Jenn Howard, has seen a prevalent call for a community release of our Red Kundalini to aid in the expansion of our personal evolutions.

Fully re-leasing and harnessing our full Kundalini spectrum affords us the vitality we desire to move through life with more energy, courage and clarity.


In this session, Jenn Howard will work on participants individually to release the energy blocks you hold in your lower chakras. Once completed, she will collectively raise your Red Kundalini and integrate it more fully and completely through your energy body. Participants will be guided to fully accept and harness the new Kundalini within by setting Sacred Intentions to direct this new and vibrant flow. Lastly, several out-of-body chakras will be infused and bolstered to support you through this new energy integration.

Full energy body and auric fields will be balanced and grounded before session ends. 


Please click on the link below to register through the Louisville Salt Cave website: