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"Unity"* is a simple and effective method for calling in supportive energies to assist you in your life. Once learned, “Unity” can be used independently in a myriad of ways to enrich your life by strengthening your meditation practices, deepening your trance-state, enhancing your self-healing capabilities and by enhancing your connection to the Self and this Life experience. 

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*"Unity” was downloaded over an 18 month period from a Master Healer, Vishu, residing in the upper dimensions by Gaia Heals owner, Jenn Howard. The Master Healer's message for us, "We were never meant to do this alone.” Unity offers us a method for coming into union within ourSelves and within our communities.

Healing happens when we create safe communities that offer support, vulnerability and authentic sharing of our Gifts and Hearts.

From this space, all things are possible.

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