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"Jenn's understanding of systems and connection to source is unparalleled. It is unusual to find someone in the healing community that is able to articulate what is happening in the spiritual or energetic realm so vividly. Her ability to translate and transfer information through a compassionate lens makes her so effective. Aside from her ability, her beautiful soul shines through in all she does, and working with her is nothing but a pleasure."

~ Nicole Bartlett

Introduction to Quantum Energy Medicine & "Unity"

"I'm not sure where to begin. Jenn's knowledge and ability to download is remarkable. I have worked with others and energy and Jenn has a connection to source like one I have never experienced. I have learned so much for my own healing and how to help others heal, naturally. She facilitates beautiful groups, respecting all the participates level of knowledge. I am beyond grateful to call Jenn my friend, teacher, and mentor."

~Patti Numann

Introduction to Quantum Energy Medicine & "Unity"

"This course is powerful and is what my soul needed to reignite my passion for energy work. Jen is incredibly knowledgeable in energy medicine and has a profound gift for this work! She not only introduced us to working with Source in a more direct way, but allowed us all the space and energy to channel our own guides. Not only did I get to meet some of my Spirit Guides, we had the opportunity to work with one of Jen's, further expounding our vibrational reach. 
This class WOW-ed me and then some. Not only do I feel more confident in my own energy medicine practice but I know that my own magic is indeed real and I can harness that in my daily life. 
Cannot wait for the next level class!"

~Sarah Greenwell

Introduction to Quantum Energy Medicine & "Unity"

"Unity was an excellent introduction to the idea of healing in the Quantum Field. Jenn gave us tangible practices and rituals that help connect us to our guides, Source consciousness, and our higher selves. The class was both highly informative and deeply experiential. All questions were met with openness and grace, and Jenn taught from a deep inner wisdom that felt otherworldly yet completely down to earth. No matter who you are if you feel called to Unity, and energy work, she will make sure you feel capable, and she will make the concepts accessible. I am so grateful for the experience."


~Blaire McDaniel

Introduction to Quantum Energy Medicine & "Unity"

"When Jenn says she is going to accelerate your growth and development that is exactly what she means to do! In just a few short months, I have met my higher self, healed past lives, and met some incredible helpers in the spiritual.  As a result, Im meeting goals in my personal life at a quicken pace.  My personal artwork and business have evolved in a beautiful way.  Jenn showed up at the right time in my life.  If you feel called to do this work, do it! I feel blessed beyond measure to have this friend and mentor in my life."


Introduction to Quantum Energy Medicine & "Unity"

"Jennifer delivered a reading that felt so accurate and at home with my soul that it couldn't have been contrived or made up. It was as though my soul was coming back home to itself and to the actual reality we chose before incarnation. It was such a comfort, first, to have a deep understanding of what I came here to do, then to be reunited with my guides in clearer form. They have been with me the whole time, but now I know them on a deeper level. I can call on them, and they can communicate with me in ways that actually catch my attention because I know what I am looking for. I am more sensitive to them, because I know them. 

I am slowly forging a deeper connection with them on my own, but thanks to Jennifer and her gifts, her capacity to connect us with our guides, and her support after the fact she set me down the path. I am so eternally grateful."

~B. M.

Re-Connecting with Your Spirit Guides Reading

"What a beautiful experience. Jennifer helped me clear and balance my energies, and helped me reconnect with my true self. All in the first session!"

~ C. J.

Quantum Energy Healing Session

"Jenn is an actual Earth Angel, and I'm so happy that our paths have crossed once again. We both worked at the Y together over 10 years ago! I reached out to Jenn once I knew she worked with healing animals. My sweet senior pup rescue, Annie had some precious trauma after being returned twice to the Kentucky Humane Society. Despite formal training, and unconditional love from myself and my partner, I could tell she was still struggling and hurting in some way. I am a firm believer in energy work, and take part in alternative healing methods weekly. I knew how well I responded to energy work, and was certain Annie would heal as strongly as I've been able to. When Jenn met Annie, it was a beautiful moment that I was fortunate enough to capture on camera. Annie ran over to her and "tree'd" on Jenn (she's a Treeing Walker Coonhound) and Jenn immediately got on Annie's level and continued her hellos! Their exchange was pure goodness. Annie loved her immediately. I felt like she was saying, "Mama!! Where have you been hiding this new friend?? I love her so much already!!" Jenn worked her magic and felt and saw Annie's trauma with her previous owners. She was able to align her chakras and clear any negative energy that she was carrying. Annie immediately became calm cool and snoozy once their session was complete as opposed to her anxious, worried self. When Jenn left, Annie took the deepest snoozle on her favorite spot on the couch. Jenn is a true healer. I would definitely recommend her energy to anyone looking for clarity or needing to be grounded in any area of their lives."

~Whitney Blandford

Quantum Energy Healing for Pets

"I am moved with the reading I received and treasure it. So many parts resonated and I left feeling so much comfort.  Thank you, Jenn, for creating the sacred space to do this.  What a gift.  Even your PDF from the reading is printed and I refer back to often."


Re-Connecting with Your Spirit Guides Reading

"This was my first ever channeled reading since I began walking a 'spirited path'. All that I asked from my guides was to make certain to validate the experience in a way that only I would understand. Jennifer was scheduled to sit for me on a Friday. On Thursday- late afternoon, I was flooded w/ emotions- my heart and throat chakra points were very activated and I felt some dizziness. When Jennifer sent me my reading, she informed me that she had been able to sit for my session a full day ahead of schedule and the work my guides performed had involved my heart and throat chakras!  I knew without a doubt my guides had aligned this as a way to validate the work Jennifer had offered.  Since my work with her and my guides- a lot had shifted for me- most notably, I'm sleeping more soundly and my subtle energy body feels more at ease."

~Melanie Miller

Re-Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

"It was an honor to work with Jennifer. She was spot on in finding my blocks. In addition to clearing my blocks, she gave me strategies so I can continue to balance my energy.  I look forward to learning more from her in the near future!" 



Quantum Energy Healing Session

"I cherish the messages Jennifer passed along through her gift with spirit. They were incredibly timely and gave me the nudge, support, and encouragement I needed. It's so nice to go back and re-read those words whenever I want to!"



Re-Connecting with Your Spirit Guides Reading

"I have worked with Gaia Heals and practitioner, Jennifer, now a few times. She has done an Energy Healing Session and 2 Spirit Guide Sessions with me and I cannot speak highly enough of her work and her professionalism. Her energy is so welcoming and her gifts are extraordinary. I have gotten insight on recurring dreams and have formed a much closer connection to my guides as a result of these sessions. The healing session allowed me to clear chakras that I was unable to on my own, which allowed healing to progress in those areas where I had blockage. Her sessions have also helped me work through past traumas and help release blockages to allow healing and help me to let go. This work is beautiful and is a truly a gift to my soul and spirit."


~Sarah Greenwell

Quantum Energy Healing + Re-Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

"Jennifer was such an experimented and compassionate healing guide. She managed to pin point what needed to be released and I could feel an intense energy clearing during the session! I highly recommend working with her."

~Charlotte G.

Quantum Energy Healing Session

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