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I am Jenn Howard.


Welcome to Gaia Heals, LLC!

I'm delighted that your journey has led you here. Let me share a bit about myself and the path that brought me to this transformative work:


The voyage back to myself and my well-being has been a winding and profound odyssey. As a child, I grappled with anxiety, severe asthma, allergies, and a disconnection from my intuition. In my 30s, an unexpected illness plagued me for three years without improvement. I sought help from every conceivable source—doctors, herbalists, allergists, and acupuncturists—yet it wasn't until I discovered Energy Medicine that I received a diagnosis (Lyme disease) and experienced a complete recovery.

Through my training as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and yogi, I joyfully reconnected with my gifts as a healer.

This reunion reminded me of the inherent wisdom available to us all—a wisdom that unfolds when we rediscover our connection with spiritual realms and the Divine. Empowered to live my truth, I honed my skills as a healer, driven to share my gifts with the world.

My spiritual training has unveiled the interconnected nature of everything—disease, trauma, emotions, Life Flow. Our existence is a tapestry of endless wavelengths and frequencies, susceptible to influence and healing through Quantum Energy + Yoga Medicine. My ability to transcend the mundane, the fourth dimension, and communicate with higher vibratory states enables me to provide profoundly healing medicine that resonates on a soul level.

With a divine intention in my heart, I birthed Gaia Heals. I am here to guide you, creating a space that nurtures healing on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Together, we will co-create your journey and bring your dreams into fruition!

Namaste - "The light in me sees and honors the light in you. And when we are both in this space, we are PURE LOVE."

Jennifer Howard, 
Energy Medicine Practitioner & Spiritual Mentor

Jennifer Howard holds a B.S. from Indiana University. She began her career in 2007, as the Membership Director at the YMCA of Southern Indiana.
Upon giving birth to her daughter, Ghaia, in 2013, she resigned from her non-profit position and began her new path as a healer. In 2018, she became a Certified Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour level (CYT-200) at Eternal Health Yoga and has additional, specialized training in Yin Yoga Healing (Chinese modality). In 2019, she began her 18 month apprenticeship as a Medical Intuitive and Psychic Healer at SoulWorks, LLC with mentor, Wendy Schoeppner. She has also studied Reiki and holds Reiki attunements. 

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